Bridging the gap between Stress and Productivity, Burnout and Well-Being

SattvaMe is a global training organization focused on Mental Wellness, Productivity, and Stress Management
for Employees, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.  


Employee Mental Wellness Is The Key

How many of your employees and co-workers are right now silently experiencing
  Stress, Anxiety, Burnout,  Fear of Uncertainty, Caffeine and Alcohol Reliance?
 And taking prescription medications for Pain, Sleep, and Digestive Issues?

Mental Health issues impair a person’s productivity, focus, clarity and well-being, short and long-term.

Mental Health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being, which, in our view, we are struggling with as a society.


Depression was estimated to cause 200 Million lost workdays each year at a cost to employers of $17 to $44 Billion.


8 in 10 workers do not seek mental health treatment due to SHAME; only 1 in 5 use Employee Assistance Resources.



62% of employees want their companies to do more to support mental health at work; companies believe they do enough.

SattvaMe helps stabilize and restore mental wellness,
prevents burnout, and supports well-being at work and beyond

Our participatory programs blend tools from mental health, mindfulness,  neuroscience,
emotional intelligence, meditation, and psychology to inspire transformation from inside-out
and strengthen company culture with wellness.


We ask and solve the questions of:

  • How to keep stress, worry, and anxiety at bay?
  • How to mitigate mental health risks at work?
  • How to reach the next level in productivity, team’s engagement,  customer service, and contribution to the grander good?

SattvaMe engaging solutions bring:

  • Strategies for mental health risk mitigation
  • Tools for stress relief in daily work and life

  • Reduction in healthcare and burnout costs
  • Strong culture of well-being and supportive leadership

Webinars | Interviews | Podcasts

Host An Insightful Conversation About Mental Health and Wellness

15-60 minutes | Interactive Format


Wellness Starter

Embrace Wellbeing One Day At A Time

4-Week | Initial Habit Training

Stress-Relief Program

Transform Stress Into Success

8-Week | Mental Wellbeing Immersion


Stay Well Program

Add Wellbeing To Your Success Formula

12-Week | Employee + Leadership Initiative

NextLevel You

Personal Development

Private Coaching Programs


SattvaMe Online

Improve Wellbeing Online

A Collection of Online Video Practices

Amazon Bestseller

NEXT LEVEL YOU is a combination of personal stories, practices, and research designed to educate, inspire, and energize you to jump-start or deepen your meditation and mindfulness practice. This book will help you transform your life from busy and stressed to balanced and energized.

“NEXT LEVEL YOU weaves the powerful story of ‘why’ Oksana has the insight and ability to assist entrepreneurs and leaders to discover more for themselves.”

– Andy Bailey, Founder of Petra Coach

Happy Clients


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SattvaMe programs provide excellent tools for the workplace, leadership and professional
development training, EO and  YPO forums, chapters, retreats, and industry-learning events.
All services include complimentary mental health consulting to identify the areas of focus and audience-specific needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Leveraging SattvaMe workshops we have incorporated mindfulness into our leadership teams practices, and our team has had excellent results.
Arnie Girnun
President of New Horizons South Florida & FVI
Participants are still talking about how incredible it was to begin No Longer Virtual Conference with SattvaMe mindfulness session.

Sarah Elkins
Founder of NLV Conference and Sarah Elkins Consulting
Working with SattvaMe has opened the floodgates of love. We have reached a new level of trust. Thank you for raising the bar on what is possible.
Stephen Spiegel
CEO of CrewHu
I can confirm that following SattvaMe program will boost spirits, energy, and productivity…. for you and your team!

David Waddell
Chief investment strategist, Waddell & Associates, llc.

Our Core Values


Leave people and places better than you found them

Keep it Simple

Craft it so a 6-year-old can understand it and a 60-year-old can use it

Be Present

Exercise full awareness and curiosity, now and here

Choose Forward

Accept radical responsibility to continuously evolve


Utilize the power of “Many”: join  a beehive, not a bee