Are you feeling anxious to sit still?

We are so used to constant motion that stillness can feel uncomfortable, strange, and annoying.

It can make us anxious because we’re thinking there’s something we are missing or should be doing or can feel like a waste of time.

Does anyone feel this way when you finally slow down?

But we must recondition our beliefs from associating stillness with weakness, laziness, and under-performance.

We must break the misconception that stillness is for couch potatoes or, as the saying goes, “You snooze, you lose.”

Realize that stillness is energy.

Stillness is focus.

Stillness improves our decision-making so we do not proceed with pointless action.

In stillness, we strategize and plan how to take the shortest route towards the goal with minimal use of resources.

Take 5 minutes and practice complete stillness TODAY!

A quote to reflect on:

Stillness is the key to, well, just about everything.
– Ryan Holiday