The Pain of Firing

Having to fire employees was such a stressful event in my life as the company that I worked for didn’t provide any tools or resources to help us deal with it.

The manager just said, “go do it” and expected it to go as smooth as a coffee break.

They didn’t consider anybody’s emotions around it and I really struggled with that. This was a long-term employee who put her full career into this one company. And now she was no longer needed.

Maybe you and your employees are too dealing with the stress of the roles every single day that can weigh on their mental and emotional health?

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So often, HR scribbles down the job description without asking, “what tools can we have in place to support people in these roles MENTALLY.” It’s all about what courses or programs they need to further the technical skills.

If you want to pull ahead and create a loyal team, address the matters of emotional stability. Not enough employers are doing it and it will make all the difference to your employees if YOU do.

Expanding Awareness


Most of us are stuck in the same “work-home-sleep-repeat” loop, which creates imbalances in our mental and emotional well-being. Enjoy this 15-min practice and the release it brings to your psychic.

Pause. Breathe. Be Well.

A quote to reflect on:

“Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take palace. – Henri Nouwen

CEOs – May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There is no better time to start implementing a mental wellness program for your team.

We have special workshops happening this month – send me a message for details on how we can work with your organization.

Let’s shift from a culture of stress to a culture of well-being!

Does your team have tools for overcoming stress and anxiety? Do they feel valued and supported by your organization?

In this testimonial, Mark Lancaster, CEO & Founder of EG Workforce Solutions talks about his experience and success with SattvaMe Wellness Program.