Are you taking it for granted?

Sometimes looking at the perfect lives of others on social media may make us feel “positively jealous.” Like you wish you could be in the sunny weather when it’s raining outside of your window. But do you fully take advantage of what you already have, or do you take it for granted?

Let me share that as a former Floridian, I barely went to the beach when I lived here. Most people at the beach are tourists (like me now). Never ever did I swim in the ocean in January. Too cold and windy, I used to say.

Only moving out of state made me appreciate and cherish the ocean and the sun more. To the point that I am willing to get up before sunrise and drive to the beach to dip into the cool water despite the wind. Have that happened to you?

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything” – the life principle I learned from my teacher Anand in the Indian Himalayas.

When we appreciate anything that life gives us in the present moment, rain or sun, big or small apartments, alone or with others. Then our life becomes the experience of joy and gratitude instead of jealousy, wishful thinking, and sadness.

If you cannot appreciate what you have – then change it. Go to the beach, leave the place you are in, go to be with people…

“Well, Oksana, I can’t. It’s out of my control”, some may say. Fair enough. But what does complaining and wishing it was different do for you? Staying chronically dissatisfied with the present moment is madness.

May this 2021 you find more acceptance to WHAT IS in the present moment. May you either have the power to change it altogether or accept it fully. Don’t stay “in-between” zone of toxic unfulfilled desires you can do nothing about. Live your life with gratitude and appreciation, despite any challenges.

Happy New You!