Does Winter Get on Your Nerves?

This whole “getting dark hours” thing has me a little thrown off! Anyone else?

I wake up when it’s dark…I’m still working when the sun sets… it feels like I should be going to bed at 6:30 pm…🙃

As winter continues, and the cold weather starts to set in the brain, many people will likely face what’s called seasonal depression.

(Especially with limited ability to go out, to see family and friends, and to do the things we’re used to doing freely!)

👉🏻The thing that will get you through this time is CONNECTION.

Sure, we have the communication and collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack or Microsoft teams to make the work part easier, but there’s something different about being able to get together with your team and connect, share ideas, and build connections.

Who else misses that?

Our team has put together special VIRTUAL wellness events to help you and your team reconnect in a way that moves your company forward.

It’s designed to boost team spirit and loyalty, give you the tools to restore work-life balance, and is the perfect team-bonding experience to feel less “alone” in a time that has been very lonely.

If you’re with the company that proudly cares about your team beyond what they add to your bottom line, we would be honored to host one of these workshops with you.

Please check it out, and perhaps forward to your HR manager:

A quote to reflect on:

“Happiness and true freedom come only when we assume full responsibility for who and what we are.”

Leo Buscaglia