Slow Down to Speed Up

The harder and faster you push yourself and your employees, the higher the risk of burnout. Not because people are incapable – but because it becomes an addiction for staying at 100% capacity at all times at all costs.

When we get into “go mode” it’s hard to see anything other than the outcome we’re focusing on, also called “unintentional blindness.” (I know this, and I STILL do it as it’s one of the biases of the brain.)

This is what makes over-achievers great. But when not properly managed, it can also cause problems.

To check in with yourself and the team, ask:

👉🏻Am I giving myself and my people the tools they need to be productive?

👉🏻Am I setting a good example?

👉🏻Am I realistic in my expectations?

👉🏻Do they feel emotionally safe in this organization to express their needs?

By regularly checking in on these questions, employees will feel valued. Happier. More secure.

And as a result, get the job done without pushing harder than necessary.

Slow down to speed up.


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A quote to reflect on:

Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up.
– Mike Vance