Stop the Hustle

We need to stop romanticizing “the extreme hustle” and start promoting WELL-BEING habits like taking time off when you need it, getting 7+ solid hours of sleep, and setting boundaries to protect your own peace.

(I’m NOT against hard work. I come from a line of entrepreneurs – I know its value.)

But when it starts affecting sleep, relationships, and health, it’s no longer just working hard for a better good. It’s grinding yourself into the ground in the name of “getting the job done.”

Once this line is blurred, we run a huge risk of burnout which can spread through an organization and life, like wildfire.

A workplace should be a source of well-being that energizes and fulfills employees, leadership, and clients to show up as their best selves and do inspiring work.

And it can be! We must shift our mindset and culture towards WELL-BEING now.


Does your team have tools for overcoming stress and anxiety? Do they feel valued and supported by your organization?

Check out our corporate well-being events to enhance well-being: 

A quote to reflect on:

Stress is a PRACTICE, so is CALM.