The year I lost my dad, my life changed.

I hit unimaginable rock-bottom. We had always had a deep connection and although I never got to tell him, it was his admirable strength, that fueled me to accomplish all that I had that far.

And now… it was gone. Just like that.

You see, the thing about experiencing extreme amounts of mental and emotional pain over a prolonged period of time that no one really expects is that it induces a state of mindfulness.

The pain anchors you in the present moment, whether you like it or not.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

After exhausting myself from grief, I became present and aware of the emptiness inside my body and mind.

By activating the inner wisdom of silence and stillness, my body and mind were triggering the innate ability to recover from trauma!

That was a new beginning for me. Fast-forward years later, I help people find this incredible state of mindfulness WITHOUT experiencing the trauma or hardship.

I help others to activate their innate wisdom for mental and emotional transformation on-demand.

And if you want, I can help you too. 💜