Want to disconnect from the chatter in your mind?

Most people can achieve a state of mindfulness while being outdoors!

In nature, all of your senses activate at once, so you become present and aware.

Nature does not have judgments and opinions like the rest of the world. 

It’s quiet. It’s magical. It’s full of peace and creates an experience of unity that manifests as feelings of joy and awe. 

If you’re feeling blue, step outside.😎🌞

Allow yourself to be awed by nature; to enter a state of flow, self-reflection, and contemplation which happen to be prerequisites for TRUE self-discovery and personal development.

Where is your favorite place to find your peace?

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your company culture? What about making your employees healthier and happier?

In this video Charley Humbard, CEO and Founder of UP Entertainment shares his secrets to achieve both by working with SattvaMe and Oksana Esberard.

Meditation is so misunderstood in the Western business culture, and as a result, people turn away from it or do not sustain the habit.

The goal of this short webinar is to bring more clarity to meditation and to break some common misconceptions about it.

With gratitude and always at your service,